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The Story of Tracey Travis Funeral Designs/ Gifts of Grandeur

Starting as a visual display service provider for memorials and funerals, we came to notice the need for personalized gifting options. Once focusing on bereavement gifts we have created Gifts of Grandeur and opened gifting options for all occasions.  In using our experience in empathy and learning to pay homage to an individuals interests we have grown to create signature gift presentations that take the stress away from our clients. A personal shopper gathers information and uses a budget alongside popular brand knowledge to customize your box to fit your needs. 

To further enhance the gifting experience we incorporate pictures, floral arrangements, fresh fruits or snacks, and beverages alongside products selected. Our display pieces are visually appealing and multi-function as art. We continue to evolve and broaden our gifting options.  Special requests are accepted...

Package Opening
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